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Cards Match Game
Exercise your brain muscles and improve your memory. Have fun!
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Here are the freqntly asked questions we have gotten on Cards Match Game. If your question isn't asnwered here, contact us!

1. CALI is matching pair after pair, picking cards correctly that haven't been turned over yet...Is CALI a cheater?

Answer: No, but CALI has a photographic memory, kind of like Monk or Shawn Spencer :-) CALI remembers all the cards you both have turned over, and won't miss matches there. Then CALI considers what cards haven't been flipped over to make a match, and guesses which to flip over - randomly.

2. How are points calculated?

Answer: Each game win has points, as do each card match you make. On Solo games, points are calculated by the time, number of moves, and number of oops (highest points for the lowest time, moves, oops!).

3. What is the "With World" game option and how does it work?

Answer: Choose between the three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The app will add you to an open game of that level that hasn't started yet. Like on the "With Friends" game option, the players have the option of when to start the game, by clicking on a ready button.

4. I didn't get the activation email to activate my account.

Answer: Please check your spam folder - sometimes it goes in there. Also, if you're using Gmail, check your other inbox tabs, besides the Primary - Social / Promotions. 

5. How can I update my profile icon?

Answer: After logging in, click on your username that displays on the top right of the page (right where the login boxes were). This takes you to your Edit Profile page, where you can update your profile icon. You can upload a photo from your computer, or choose an avatar by clicking on the "Choose Profile Avatar" link. After making your changes, just click on the "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the page to save your update.

6. What is the "Oops" stat?

Answer: In the Solo Cards Match Game (playing the game by yourself), you can get several stats to tell you how well you are playing the game - time (for speed), number of moves, and the "Oops". "Oops" is the number of times you make a mistake by not making a match that is known to you, becase you already flipped over the matching cards...i,e. it is how many times you have missed an opportunity for a match that you know about. Have fun!

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