3 Stats to tell you how good your memory is with Cards Match Game!

In the Solo games, where you are playing Cards Match Game against yourself, you get the option to get three stats: the timer, number of moves, and how many “oops” you have.

Timer: try to match each pair of cards with the fastest speed.

# of Moves: try to match each pair of cards with the lowest number of moves.

# of Oops: try to get the lowest number of oops, i.e. try not to miss any matches that you should get because you have already flipped over the matching pair of cards.

You can compare your performance between the games you play on your Playcard if you are logged in when playing the game. And you can also check out the high scores on the Top Scores page! Have fun!

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Yes, you can win Cards Match Game against Cali!

If you miss a match, Cali will catch it. And sometimes Cali guesses a match from cards that no one has flipped over. But you can win at this cards matching game against Cali just like against anyone else.

Check out this game win:

Have fun!

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How to make your Cards Match Game harder

You can make your cards match game more difficult not just by adding the number of cards to match in play – but also adding how many “extra” cards there are, i.e. cards in the game that are distractors and don’t match with any card in the game.

You can choose to add between 1 to 7 extra cards. You can choose a number that gives you an even rectangle layout, or not.

The game tells you at the top of the cards how many matches are left to make. After all the matches are made, the extra cards are outlined in yellow.

Another option is to play against Cali 🙂 You can choose this option on the Setup page too.

This cards matching game is not just for kids! Try to beat your score each time. Get your score on the Top Scores page.

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Cards Match Game has launched!

Have fun while sharpening your memory skills with this feature-packed matching game, also known as “Concentration”, or “Memory”.

You can play by yourself or against the computer, with your friends, or with people all over the world.

When setting up a game to play with your friends, a url is provided to share with them so that they can join in the game. The games with friends also have an instant chat feature on the game page so you can chat with each other during the game.

Customize your game on the Set Up Game page. Choose the game difficulty level / how many cards are used. WHen playing solo, you can show a timer to time how fast you go, show your number of moves, and even how many “oops” you make in your game. Use card numbers, or not. Choose your cards category, or choose to be surprised. You can test your memorization skills by revealing the cards for seconds (1, 2, or 5 seconds) before starting the game.

New to the game? Choose a pair of cards – if the pictures on the cards match, you get a match and go again. Otherwise, it’s the other person’s turn, if you’re not playing solo.

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